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As European countries swiftly recover from COVID-19 and economists begin to anticipate a bigger GDP recovery for Europe next year, we breakdown the four best European stocks and why they look set for breakout performance in 2021-2022.

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    Europe’s Stronger Bounce Back​

    European corporates will have a stronger bounce back in earnings than their U.S. peers in 2021, with the current consensus estimates pointing to the highest premium in 17 years. These Euro stocks offer a combination of growth prospects, value and healthy dividend yields.

    Pockets Of Opportunity

    While European stocks still have a relatively high correlation to U.S. stocks in the long term, there are pockets of opportunity for European stocks to diversify during shorter time frames. Investors have gone with the momentum in other global markets and ignored these fantastic European plays.

    Under-Valued Perform Better

    Academic studies have shown that under-valued equity markets do much better than their over-valued peers. Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom are amongst the top 16 most undervalued countries by equity market valuation.

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    Download Your Free Report On Europe's 4 Best Stocks To Buy Now

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